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The study made an attempt to identify the major problems and challenges related with production, and marketing of the handloom industrial units in South India.  The analysis on the problems experienced by the handloom units helps in the identification of the specific needs of this sector, as well as orient research and policy initiatives in a more focused manner. The findings of the study along with the data already available on the handloom sector may boost the development of appropriate institutional structures that support and strengthen the industry. The challenges on engaging with these perspectives are utmost important for the development of the handloom sector. The study based on the primary data collected from the handloom industrial units in South India.  The primary data were collected from 440 sample units through structured interview schedule.

Sajith Kumar I.V.
Asst. professor,
Dept of Business Administration,
SNDP Yogam College,
Konni, Pathanamthitta.

Dr. E. Sulaiman
Associate Professor,
School of Management and Business Studies,
MG University,